Social Media and Internet Marketing

With the rapid development of the internet, businesses are expanding to a wide-reaching audience. As a result, the interactive nature of social media and internet marketing has evolved as an efficient method to market products and services. Social media and Internet marketing are integral to nearly every business, but it takes time and consistency to build a strong following of target customers and interact with them on a regular basis. However, this method is worth every effort marketers put in it—from regular posts to sponsored ads and everything in between. When done well, our social media marketing virtual assistant can singlehandedly take your business to the next level. Our team of virtual assistants social media, internet marketing services, and video marketing services assistance help you adequately manage your social media accounts.Our team of virtual assistants assist you by:

  • Setting up and managing your company’s Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn handles
  • Managing your video marketing efforts
  • Increasing your brand visibility through social bookmarking
  • Conducting keyword research to strengthen your SEO efforts
  • Generating relevant, appropriate comments on blog posts

Social Media and Internet Marketing

The most dominant social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn have their own set of rules and practices to follow. Instagram and Pinterest are immensely dependant on mesmerizing pictures, while others like Facebook and LinkedIn, allow you to upload and share several media formats like photos, videos, and URLs. Twitter lets you send short and sweet messages to your followers. Although these platforms have their fair share of similarities and discrepancies, they have a unique potential to streamline your business. We are well-versed in each of these platforms and know-how to grow your followers and develop engaging content that helps you convert.

  • We can manage your social media accounts and bloom your online presence
  • Our designers develop eye-catching creatives with proficient branding
  • As a result, you build strong relationships with your target customers
  • Our informative and engaging content helps you retain all your followers

Video Marketing Services Assistance

Videos attract customer attention and entertain them while also informing them about your business. Today’s social media platforms allow video marketing. You can post videos for your followers to see, and you can also run a sponsored post that allows a wider range of people to see and interact with your video. However, to ensure that the campaign runs smoothly, you will need someone to manage it—and that is where virtual assistants from the Virtual Assistants LLC come in! We help you manage comments; ensure that the videos are appearing in the correct target audiences’ social feeds, and more. We have an established track record of creating the best and engaging videos for all kinds of video marketing campaigns, including social media videos, and more. If you want your videos to attract your audience, our team has got the skills, experience, and knowledge you need. We’ll help you with all parts of your business’s video creation from beginning to finish:

  • Consultation and designing
  • Video production and graphic creation
  • Optimization to secure the top position for your video in search engines

Social Bookmarking

As one of the most interesting Internet marketing strategies, social bookmarking is an excellent way to increase your brand visibility, network with customers; and other businesses and improve your business’s SEO and online reputation. It goes hand in hand with social media marketing but has a slightly different goal. We use a variety of popular social bookmarking sites to share your website, articles, blog posts, images, videos, and more. Social bookmarking greatly assists in building meaningful connections with customers and business partners.

Keyword Research

When a customer types your product or service into a search engine, you want them to find your business’s website right away. With proper keyword research, a front-page search result can become a reality for your business, and you’ll witness a significant increase in website traffic—giving you the potential to make more sales. We can help you find relevant keywords that your target customers are searching for, both long-tail and short-tail. We will organize these keywords so you can utilize them throughout your online marketing strategies..

Blog Post Commenting

Instead of spamming blogs with irrelevant comments like marketers did in the past, today’s blog commenting marketing campaigns strive for relevant, constructive comments that can help you increase brand awareness among target customer groups. When you hire the Virtual Assistants Company, we will find appropriate blog posts and articles to comment on, subtly building up your brand and reputation all across the Internet.

Delegate the time-consuming task of social media marketing to the Virtual Assistants Company today! Our trained and certified virtual assistants are excellent at harnessing the power of every major social media site. We work with you to create an editorial calendar that fits with your goals, we research content and create unique content tailored to your business, and continually stay up to date with your Internet marketing efforts to increase your brand’s visibility and improve reputation.