Lead Generation and Sales Support

Lead generation is a marketing process that involves a product or service to expand sales channels. In today’s world, the abundant information available on the internet has made the emergence of innovative techniques to develop potential leads possible. However, staying on top of your lead generation and sales support can require hours of time spent at the computer. It’s ideal to delegate these tasks to a virtual assistant. As an integral part of your inbound marketing strategy, we’ll help you generate and nurture valuable new leads
! Here are some of the things we can help you with:

  • Research emails, addresses and phone numbers of quality target customers
  • Conduct LinkedIn Marketing by developing and utilizing a Premium LinkedIn Account

We can help you achieve visible results on the graph with our efficient virtual assistant lead generation. Our customer research virtual assistants and LinkedIn networking advertising services are also available to help you expand your customer base with incredible figures.

Lead Generation and Customer Research

Customer Research Virtual Assistants: We scale up your marketing and sales processes by ensuring the relevancy of new and increased leads. We start by broadening your marketing and sales engines to affirm that your in-house teams can get steps closer towards your desired results. Instead of idling through an endless list of prospects, we do the job for you. We learn about your product or service and understand your preference to interact with your customers. Then, we conduct research on new opportunities for sales and perform the necessary tasks to get you the best results in lead generation. Once we’ve identified leads, we pass on the information to you, and can also help you convert the leads into customers. Our team of virtual assistants is equipped with the right tools and techniques to help you reach your goals in time. They are blessed with the knowledge of the most proven lead generation and customer retention methods. Hire our customer research virtual assistants and get rid of the high cost involving employee engagement.

Linkedin Networking

We’re highly proficient with LinkedIn, which we use to grow your business with new customers/clients as well as new partners and employees. When you work with us, we utilize a combination of paid promotions/advertisements, LinkedIn posts, personalized direct messages, and more to accomplish your business goals. LinkedIn connects you to millions of professionals, and we help you find the most relevant connections, generate leads and build brand awareness. Our executives have in-depth knowledge of the LinkedIn advertising platform to maximize results. With LinkedIn advertising, you can target professionals based on their location, education, industry, function, experience, and more. Our know-how on LinkedIn’s ad campaign and our skill to tactically choose amongst the platform’s massive variety of ad targeting capabilities enables us to generate the best results for your business.

Our virtual assistant lead generation helps you automate sales generation, attach business phone numbers, confirm email addresses, and send the details to your sales & marketing managers. As a result, you can spend more time on other vital tasks of your business.

The Virtual Assistants LLC is more than capable of handling your lead generation and sales support tasks. Our goal is to be a seamless extension of your in-house sales team!