Customer Support

Customers are king and satisfying a king isn’t an easy task. Customer support has undergone several remarkable changes over the past few years. The businesses that value the ROI of their business interactions have integrated the most excellent customer service. This is the fact the that enlightens our task of helping you build a business that people find irresistible. You can easily delegate key customer support tasks to professionals such as the VAs at the Virtual Assistants LLC! Each of our virtual assistants is educated and certified in proper customer support practices and techniques. Our customer support services assistant, along with email support virtual assistant, and helpdesk ticketing system help your business to a great extent. Here are the customer support services we provide to businesses like yours:

  • Phone support using a reliable VoIP (voice over internet protocol) system
  • Chat support that allows you to interact with customers visiting your website
  • Email support for tackling customer issues and answering questions about your business
  • Simple ticketing systems that helps organize, prioritize, and resolve customer issues

Phone Support (VOIP)

Customers expect to be able to reach a business by telephone, and oftentimes, they expect this even if it isn’t regular business hours where your business is located. With round-the-clock phone support, you can delegate this to a team of virtual assistants. We have a whole team of trained and certified phone support professionals who can handle phone support at any magnitude.

Chat Support

Many customers find it easier to chat with a business when they have questions or need help with a product or service. Our efficient, organized, and friendly chat support personnel is here to be the face of your business when it comes to chat support. Whether you have a built-in chat pop-up enabled on the homepage of your website, or you’re looking for chat support to help with more in-depth issues, we are here to help at the Virtual Assistants LLC!

Email Support Virtual Assistant

Email is a tried and true method for supporting customers, and we are here to help you answer queries and resolve customer problems via email! Email management is the most essential task in any business organization. Every proficient conversation utilizes email to communicate, and this can involve hours in daily responding. Our team of email support virtual assistants will filter your emails and reply to them systematically. You can spend your valuable time on other tasks while our virtual assistant look afters your email inbox. As professional virtual assistants, our employees are well-trained in email support. Helping your customers will always stay our top priority, and we aim to improve your brand reputation with every connection we make—ultimately, helping you retain your customers and grow your business.

Helpdesk Ticketing System

A helpdesk ticketing system is a kind of helpdesk software that gathers all your customer support requests from different channels and controls them from a single place. Today’s software makes it easy to organize, prioritize, and resolve customer issues with a customer support ticketing system. Our VAs are well equipped to handle a ticketing system and deliver exceptional customer service to your customers and/or employees. Our ticketing system allows you to combine and collect customer support requests from a wide range of sources (phone, email, chat, etc.) and manage them in a single location that is updated in real time. Our ticketing system enables you to gather customer support requests from email, phone, live chat, and more. With a helpdesk ticketing system, your customers will get the best experience and your business can maintain all sorts of communication easily and resourcefully.

Your business’s reputation is only as good as the quality of your customer support, and with the Virtual Assistants LLC, you won’t have anything to worry about when it comes to phone, email, or chat support! We are here to help you retain customers and solve their issues to their satisfaction so that they remain loyal to your brand.